November Goals

4 Nov 2019

Hacktoberfest is over, but the coding is not! In this post I will go over some of my November goals. Keep in mind that I am doing Nanowrimo during this month so my goals are loose and always subject to change.


  1. Do at least one exercise in the Grasshopper app

  2. Do at least one exercise on freecodecamp


  1. Watch at least one instructional video

  2. Do at least 2-3 coding challenges on hackerrank, leetcode, or


  1. Finish one small app

Note a ton there, but I am writing a 50k word novel so I think it's acceptable considering. Despite the holiday and business of December, I plan on doing much more. Perhaps I'll restart the 100 days of code challenge that I started quite a while ago and dropped because life got busy.

But this is where I leave. A short post for sure, but I'm not doing a ton in November. What are you doing this November? Got any coding projects planned?