12 Months 12 Projects

I was reading through dev.to and came across an article about doing 12 startups in 12 months. I read through and it seemed like an intriguing idea. I'm not sure if the user was able to follow through with that goal, but it got me thinking: Maybe I should try 12 projects in 12 months. They are varying levels of complexity. I really want to do this for myself. I feel like I've just been wallowing in tutorial hell and it's really time to get out of it. So down below are my 12 projects:

  1. A journaling app

I journal everyday, this including drawing a tarot card for reflection and writing out a list of things I want to do in a day

  1. A tv show catalog

The more I wrote out the different things I wanted to do with this app the more I realized that it was going to be a clone of MyAnimeList. Which is perfectly fine, reverse engineering things definitely is a way to learn

  1. A writing sprint app

I want this to have a place for you to write out your sprint with a live word count counter. I want there to be customizable time to the side. I also want the option for the user to be able to export what they have written.

  1. Coffee shop website

I want to incorporate slick maps that highlight where a coffee is from. I want to highlight coffee/snack pairings and seasonal coffee picks. I want this to be a good example of a coffee shop business website that I could use an example for freelancing

  1. Tea shop website

Basically the same as the coffee shop. I want a section on homeopathy properties of different herbs that can be added to the tea. I want there to also to be a showcase of media themed tea blends

  1. Indie bookshop/coffee shop

I want to highlight coffee/book pairings and snack pairings. I also want to incorporate a wish list and shopping cart for the books from the shop

  1. Recipe app

This is something I have wanted for a while. The main concept is the user enters in what food and pantry items they have in their kitchen then they will get recipe recommendations based on what they have in their kitchen. I also want the user to be able to mark the recipe as used and for the app to automatically deduct those ingredients from their kitchen.

  1. Witchy herb app

I want to be able to give herb recommendations based on what the desires of the user. Do they want herbs for health? They will select health, then they will receive a list of herbs for health. I want the user to be able to create herb blends, name, and save them to their account.

  1. Drawing app

A MS Paint clone essentially

  1. Prompt app

I want the user to be able to generate prompts for writing or drawing

  1. Trello clone

I really like this list managing app and I would like to try to recreate it

  1. A book suggestion app

The user can be recommended a random book based on genre or just generally a random recommendation. I want to have buttons for where the user can buy the book. I want the user to be able to mark the book as read or want to read or not interested. All of these except for want to read will remove the book from the random pool

  1. A dress up game

Dress up a stick figure and choose colors for their clothes. I want the different clothing pieces and accessories to be click and drag to the stick figure.

Well, there we are. 12 apps I want to get done this year. We are a week into November and I'm working on Nanowrimo right now. I am not going to work on this list in order how I wrote it out here. I am definitely going to be flexible. This month, for example, I am going to pick something off of the list that i think will be easier for me to achieve this month with my novel and the upcoming holiday.

Will you join me on this quest? I am going to be doing this on top of my daily, weekly, and monthly goals I mentioned a few posts back. Will you come up with your own 12 month challenge?