Coding resources and Hacktober!

This week has been light on the person projects, but not light in the learning. Yesterday I spent the more relaxed end of my work day studying some SQL. It's some basic things, but I still think going over the basics again is useful. We use a lot of pre-written queries at work and despite my project using SQL I find that I struggle when actually writing my own queries. It is getting better and I am glad that I feel comfortable looking things up while I am at work. In the past I struggled much more with reaching out for help. I guess it was a bit of a pride thing, but more so it was a fear of not being perfect. I still strive to be as perfect at things I do as possible even though intellectually I know that that striving is futile.

Below I is a list of resources I use for learning SQL and everything else. This is a list I maintain in a document and send out to people if they express interest in learning how to code. This has been especially helpful at work, since I have been able to share a ton of free education resources to coworkers. - Free with my local library card and many other libraries in the United States or $25/$50 a month depending on if you want access to their tech degrees and a few other things. - Relatively cheap since there are frequent site-wide sales. As a general rule I don't buy any course over $10. Buyer beware though, there are a lot of courses on there and not all are good. Reviews are your friend. - specifically search for their learning material. There are a lot of free courses, a lot of them focusing on Azure but there are also some .NET courses too. - is a wonderful resource to get your feet wet with web development. They have over 1k coding challenges, 6 certifications, and 30 projects you can work on. - There is a plethora of free learning material on YouTube. Use it to your advantage! - This is an excellent 30 day course of 30 vanilla JavaScript coding challenges. - coding challenges - coding challenges - Code a minimum of an hour everyday and post your progress - coding challenges - Full stack JavaScript, front end only, and a full stack ruby on rails course - gameified coding challenges - coding challenges - coding challenges - free with a library card for me, might be for you as well

Those are the resources I can think of right now, but I am sure I missed so many. Next week I am going to list online reference resources that you can go to for explanations and examples of code so you can apply it to your own projects.